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The Story of Our Beans

Good coffee is hard work. Great coffee is harder. And our outstanding coffee beans require an even greater level of work and precision. We start in the mountains of Comayagua Honduras, on small farms high up in the mountains, owned by hardworking Hondurans who have been raising quality coffee for decades.

coffee ready for picking coffee-plant

After hours of backbreaking work all summer long, caring for the coffee plants, harvest season comes (usually beginning around November). Picking is done by hand, into 100 pound sacks which are then hauled off to be shelled and cleaned in a process called washing. Magical Roast coffee is bought prior to the washing process, where we can tell the quality of the coffee by the color of the bean. We are careful to purchase only the best.

coffee drying

After the coffee is washed, the next step is to dry it. Drying is usually done by spreading the washed coffee beans out on a concrete pad or a tarp. Our drying area is in Otoro Honduras, a valley with consistently sunny weather over coffee season. This allows for quality drying. Over the next week, we continually turn the beans, so they are dried consistently.

dried coffee

Next up is where we finally see the results. Roasting is the real art of getting a great cup of coffee. By doing it in small batches, we have greater control over the final result. It's only a matter of seconds of roasting time between light and dark roast, so the key is to roast it evenly and take it off the moment it is finished.

roasting coffee

The next step is for you to grind these freshly roasted coffee beans, and treat yourself to the most amazing coffee available!

Customer Favorites

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Midnight Energy

Darkest Roast, Full of Deep Flavor, Rich, and Bold. For those who crave the full coffee sensation.

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Twilight Blend

Medium Roast. Not quite as strong, Still the smooth Magical coffee flavor

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Morning Lite

Light Roast. Mild, yet not weak. For those who drink coffee to relax.


What Makes Our Coffee The Best

washed coffee


Notice the white color of these washed and dried coffee beans. Quality coffee like ours has consistently lighter beans, with no rotten, darker beans.


Altitude also makes a huge difference on the flavor. Our coffee comes from high in the mountains of Honduras, giving you consistent flavor and quality.

mountains of Honduras

What our customers say

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I absolutely love this coffee!! I won’t buy anything else now that I have tried this dark roast and tasted how wonderfully smooth and rich it is!!

Leona Martin •

January 2022

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This is very good and fresh coffee. Would definitely recommend

Ernie Yoder •

December 2021

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About Us

We started in the mountains of Honduras, growing up working with coffee from picking to washing, drying and roasting. When we tasted what some people call coffee, we knew there had to be a demand for fresh, full-flavored, high-altitude coffee from the mountains of Honduras. So that's why we bring our expertise in coffee to you, to make your day with the best coffee around!

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Kevin Majano

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